Are You: 
1. Spending more hours in your business but its not changing the bottom line?
2. Not seeing the financial/time benefits of working for yourself?
3. feeling only just on top of things - too many plates spinning?
Over the last decade we’ve helped 1000’s of businesses across over 50 industry sectors to succeed.

As business owners, we were once on the hamster wheel, living a feast or famine existince and finding business life utterly discouraging.

That's why when forming Red Hot Coaching 10 years ago we formulated our method which hinges around 'The 7 Levels of Business'.
It works specifically for overworked business owners who have 5+ staff, revenues of $5-50M and have an appetite for change. 
The reality for most businesses is that once they reach a certain size they find themselves getting stuck in the busy-work that consumes huge amounts of time and energy. Staff challenges multiply, fire-fighting increases and the job of controlling the business gets much harder. 

What we've discovered, and practiced ourselves in over 10 years of coaching businesses to success is by adopting this method of working we can help a business owner take back control and gain the clarity they need for growth and lifestyle freedom in their business. 

If you can relate to this, and the growth of your profits is suffering, or you’re not getting enough time to enjoy your personal life - you are the exact business owner we have created Business Discovery Session for. 

Whats involved in a Business Discovery Session? 

In this appointment (which is free by the way) we will:
- Introduce you to our method 'The 7 levels of Business'
- Discuss which level you are operating at
- Identify what is keeping you stuck at the level
- Uncover the barriers to achieving the growth you want  
- Explore the root causes behind those barriers, and give you firm specific suggestions on how you can address them.
Everything we talk about remains confidential, we promise you’ll walk away with some great insights and ideas - and you might just discover that we’re the perfect support structure for you to achieve all your goals

What’s the catch?

There isn't one. Our experience shows the best way for us both to truly know if coaching is right for you and your business is to have a coffee and talk it out (pretty simple huh?)

Ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to make changes in your business that will see you start down the path to increase your security, profits and personal time - book your business session now.